SSRS – Repeat header on each page

I had a recently got a request to make changes in a SSRS report.
As the output of the report has several pages of information, i was asked to repeat the column header on each page.
So i tried the usual approach that everybody thinks which will work. Which is, in tablix properties, check the option ‘Repeat column headers on each page’. I even tried the other option of ‘Repeat row headers on each page’ and also the combination of these two.

Repeat column header on each page

Image: Repeat column header on each page

But, unfortunately and surprisingly, it didn’t work.

So, the solution is simple.
1) Go to Advanced mode by clicking on the down arrow near ‘Column Groups‘.

2) Now you can see the static rows and columns in Row Groups and Column Groups. Here you need to worry about only static rows in Row Groups.
Static rows
3) Select the static rows which needs to be repeated on each page. You can do this by select any static row and checking which row’s textbox gets selected in the tablix, and static row is the right one. Press F4 to go to it’s properties.

4) Select the option ‘After’ for KeepWithGroup. Select the option ‘True’ for RepeatOnNewPage.

Static row properties

Image: Static row properties

5) Do this for every header which needs to be repeated on every page.

Good Luck !!!

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